Passengers Complaint form for denied boarding, flight cancellation or long delay of flights (EC Regulation 261/2004)

For a correct and effective use of this form, we remind you that the complaint to ENAC, for the sole sanctioning purpose, can be lodged when:

For more information go to the link " When to lodge a complaint to ENAC”

ENAC, as the Body responsible in Italy for the enforcement of Regulation (EC) 261/2004 at national level and lays down sanctions towards air carriers in case of ascertainment of infringements.

Please note that documents cannot be attached to this form.

Documentation, necessary for the ascertainment of possible violation, may be requested to the passenger from the ENAC airport office territorially competent to handle the complaint.

At the end of the inspection activity, ENAC informs the passenger, for the purposes of transparency, about the filing of the complaint or the start of the sanction procedure

Did you send the complaint to the air carrier?(Mandatory information)